What is Endpaper Entertainment

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Endpaper Entertainment

 is a creative, energetic, and idea generation company with a mission 

to create original stories across multiple media platforms such as:


It holds a story experience together, joining the middle to the covers – 

the beginning and the end. The start and the finish.

They can be blank, creating a clean slate for the experience to come,

without preconceived notions or clichéd ideas
and one on which to contemplate after the experience has ended.

They are designed and/or beautifully illustrated
preparing the viewer for the world waiting with a turn of the page,
or a click of the remote, or the press of a button – 
and bringing the story to a natural conclusion.

An Endpaper holds the story together, teasing characters, expanding the world, bringing
the experiencer on an immersive journey where they can travel alone or with others

and whispering secrets of the story to come.



Endpaper Entertainment is a 360-degree creative content development company.

We develop IP for all platforms, in all genres.


Endpaper Entertainment recognizes this:  

Storytelling comes in many forms.


We leverage the strengths of our team and contributors to tell stories in different

mediums, recognizing the importance of each story’s uniqueness, and

each character’s journey

We coax the heart and spirit of the story, so its essence rises to the top...and then discover:

In what medium will this story work best?

On what platform will a character shine?



It’s all the stuff in the MIDDLE – the glorious middle:

Creation of worlds, the birth of characters. 

It ENDS with… well, it doesn’t.

A great story, well-told takes hold of a your mind, your heart, and your

soul, lingering so it never really goes away.


Endpaper Entertainment ELEVATES the Experience!


Endpaper Entertainment is based in NYC/NYC Metro, LA, and Austin!

Film - Television - SVOD

Novels - Graphic Novels - Original Audio Books

Podcast - Gaming - Merchandise